Apple of My Eye // Hand-painted Watercolor Bracelet


Humans have cultivated apples for millennia, and they have wound their way through legends and myths all over the world. In Norse mythology, the goddess Idun kept a store of apples that granted eternal youth; in Christianity, it has come to mean temptation and forbidden pleasures; and of course we all know the story of Snow White, who was tricked into eating a poisoned apple by a jealous queen. 

This singular piece of wearable art contains an original watercolor illustration encased in high-quality, yellowing and scratch-resistant resin and set into an adjustable nickel-free metal alloy cuff bracelet. 

Dimensions: 20mm bezel, medium cuff bracelet 

Setting: Nickel-free metal alloy 


Each piece of watercolor jewelry is drawn and painted by hand, and no two will ever be alike. 

This bracelet setting is made of a solid nickel-free alloy, but may cause a reaction when worn near the skin on some individuals. It is always a good idea to consult a doctor before purchasing if you are prone to metal allergies. 

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