Today's Weather // Circle Time Set // Magnetic Wool Felt Weather Pieces


In my preschool classroom, the weather watcher was a much-coveted daily job. 

Each piece is handcrafted, sturdy, and lightweight. Materials used for the exteriors are natural wool felt scraps, Poly-thread, and a few scraps of high-quality cotton fabric. 

They are stuffed with 100% organic cotton fiber, that gives them a lovely softness and tactility that little hands crave. 

Ultra-strong neodymium magnets are sewn (not glued!) into the pieces and will also stick to other metal surfaces but they won't pinch fingers. 

This set includes:

  • 1 sun
  • 1 sun/cloud
  • 1 cloud
  • 1 rain cloud
  • 1 storm cloud
  • 1 snowy sky
  • 1 "The Weather Is" sign

I make each and every item here with my own two hands, so no two will be exactly alike! 

Your set arrives in a reusable handmade muslin drawstring bag--which can be used for storage of your rainbow set or any number of other things around your house or classroom.

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