"Summer Fae" // Hand-Embroidery // Hoop Art // 2016


"When winter passed, she came again, and her song released the sudden spring, like rising lark, and falling rain, and melting water bubbling. He saw the elven-flowers spring about her feet, and healed again. He longed her to dance and sing upon the grass untroubling."

--J.R.R. Tolkien 

A little hoop for all the grown-up fairy children out there. You know who you are. 

This unique, one of kind piece of fiber art was hand-embroidered start to finish on cotton muslin, with cotton thread. It is stretched in a 3" stained and polished embroidery hoop, securely glued and with the back of the embroidery visible. 

Your hoop will arrive carefully and beautifully packaged in a stiff padded mailer, ready for gift giving, even if it's just gift for yourself. 

This work and all related text are ©2016 by Aly Parrott. Please do not reproduce or resell without permission.