Personalized Memory Map


The world is such an incredible place. Full of places we've been, full of places we dream of going, and sights we dream of seeing. Each of our families draw a unique map of memories over the planet's surface. Whatever our interaction with the world, we each have our own special way of remembering. 

This map project was begun as a very special custom order--a welcome to the world gift for a best friend's baby. The idea was to make a world map, with little removable trinkets representing specific places that hold special significance to the family and the family's heritage. The trinkets come together to form a collective pocket of memory, and can be spread over the map to educate and discuss where exactly these little memories fit into the world. Instantly, I fell in love with the idea, so I decided to share it with you, dear customers. 

This large, gorgeous customized map mat, created in the tradition of Montessori floor mat works would be a perfect gift for any child, or a lovely addition to a classroom. Maybe your class is full of future world travelers, and each could name a place they want to visit some day. The possibilities are endless.


Kindly read all instructions/notes below before purchase. Thanks :)


1) You purchase the listing (choosing from the pricing options above how many trinkets you want
2) Within 24 hours, I will email you and confirm your purchase, and ask you for your list of locations. You can also include a list in the NOTES TO BUYER section at the time of checkout if you would like.
3) You email me back with a list and any specific requests for the removable toys.
4) I email you back confirming your choices, and giving you a TENTATIVE list of the places I will choose to highlight. These additional pieces I will sew right onto the map, so there is a balance of imagery on each continent.
5) You give me the okay and I will start making your map to your specifications.



felt map mat
removable trinkets
drawstring pouch
hand-written list of locations, with specific memories included if desired



>>Map, trinkets and bag are created with wool felt, wool fibers and cotton embroidery floss

>>Each map has continents that are carefully hand-cut, and then sprinkled with needle felted details indicating deserts, mountain ranges, and various landmarks not included in your trinkets to even things out, imagery-wise.

>>Trinkets are attached to the map with ultra-strong neodymium magnets that are carefully and securely sewn into the trinkets and into the map itself.

>>Locations for removable trinkets are indicated with little red markers.


>> Map is approximately 36" x 68" (~89cm x 173cm)
>>Trinkets will range in size from 1" - 3" (~2.5cm- 8cm) depending on what the trinket is depicting.


>>The MINIMUM number of trinkets for this map is 10. There is no MAXIMUM, but if you would like more than 20, convo me and I will quote you a price and then add that number to the list.

>>If you want specific trinkets, I will be happy to make them. If you want me to decide on the specific trinkets based on the given locations, I will be happy to come up with them.

>>The trinkets can be of geographic features, notable manmade structures, animals, plants or whatever you think best represents your significant locations.

>>There is lots of interaction required to complete this process, so kindly include an email address you can be best reached at.

>> This is a VERY time-intensive order and I will be taking on only a few per year. Please allow up to 12 (TWELVE) WEEKS for your map to be completed. More time may be required depending on how many removable trinkets you want.

>>If you would like a name embroidered on the trinket bag, let me know at any point in the process.

>>>>>>>Questions prior to buying? Contact me, and I will answer any you have.<<<<<<<<<<<<



>>Due to the size and value of these maps, I will be sending them out to US locations via Fedex, and to International locations via USPS Priority Mail Express. That way, they will have the best handling possible. Price reflects accurate shipping cost and includes tracking and insurance.


>>>>>>>A NOTE ON MAGNETIC TOYS<<<<<<<<<<<
I use magnets as an alternative to velcro, because, let's face it, velcro and felt don't mix well. The magnets I use are rare earth, or neodymium magnets, which means they are very strong. Each magnet is sewn into place VERY securely, and while they are unlikely to dislodge, please be aware that magnets should be used only with adult supervision until your child is old enough to not be putting things in their mouth. Usually that means ages 3+ and up, but you know your child best.

The idea for this creation was contributed by a customer just like you! Have an idea? Get in touch!

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