Orange Tree // Magnetic Montessori Work // Handmade Felt Classroom Tool


Fall might be coming, but there's no reason you can't bring the breezy lushness of oranges into your classroom with this sweet little tree. Ripe oranges hang amidst little white blossoms, ready to be plucked and counted. What a perfect addition to your Montessori math shelf, or nature table! This simple, colorful set is a great way learn simple addition and subtraction, as well as learning about the evolution from blossom to fruit. 

  • Each piece is handcrafted, sturdy, and lightweight. 
  • Materials used for the exteriors are natural wool felt and poly thread. 
  • They are stuffed with 100% organic cotton fiber, that gives them a lovely softness and tactility that little hands crave.
  • Ultra-strong neodymium magnets are sewn (not glued) into the pieces and will also stick to metal surfaces but they won't pinch fingers. Would fit beautifully into a Montessori or Waldorf Classroom,.

This set includes: 
  • 1 magnetic wool felt orange tree
  • 10 magnetic oranges
  • 10 magnetic orange blossoms
  • 2 small organic cotton bags for sorting oranges and blossoms

tree: approx. 9-10" tall x 7" wide
oranges/blossoms: approx. 1" x 1.5 "

For decorative or educational use only. Not for use by unsupervised young children. 

I make each and every item here with my own two hands, so no two will be exactly alike! 

Your set arrives in a hand-stamped reusable handmade muslin drawstring bag--which can be used for storage of your item or any number of other things around your house or classroom.

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