Needlefelted Phases of the Moon Garland


Our moon the most prominent feature in the night sky. It governs the tides, and some say, our moods, passions, and fortune. Believe what you will, this garland comes to you depicting the 9 phases of the moon, from new moon to new moon, waxing crescent to waning crescent, first quarter to third quarter, waxing gibbous to waning gibbous, and finally the full moon.


-Each moon is needle felted by hand with Coopworth wool fiber, and then embroidered with cotton embroidery thread. 
-The moons are stuffed with organic cotton fibers and they hang from a doubled piece of sturdy cotton string. Perfect for an earth-science or astronomy classroom, an unconventional Halloween decoration, or anywhere in your house that needs a little mysticism. 
-Dimensions: Each moon measures approximately 3" in diameter, and the whole garland is about 36" long from loop to loop. 

For decorative or educational use only. Not for use by unsupervised young children. 

++This item is made to order. Please allow the time stated in my shop announcement before shipment. 

Your set arrives in beautifully packaged, ready for gift-giving. 

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