Grevy's Zebra // Hand Painted Embroidered Cotton Animal Toy


Grevy's Zebra roams the plains of Kenya and Ethiopia munching on grasses and searching for watering holes. Once, they were quite endangered, but their numbers have stabilized with conservation efforts in recent years. This zebra is waiting to roam on into your house or classroom, and perch on a shelf or in a playtime basket and keep you company, or help your kids learn about African Wildlife 

  • Zebra is carefully drawn onto beautiful organic cotton fabric with free motion embroidery.
  • She is with 100% permanent, heat set AP certified non-toxic pigment dyes
  • She is stuffed with the softest organic cotton fiber, and backed with soft wool felt in yellow ochre. 
  • Facial features are carefully hand-embroidered with cotton thread.


7" (~12cm) tall from head to the bottom of the perch. 

Your zebra arrives in a hand-stamped, reusable handmade muslin drawstring bag--which can be used for storage of your new friend or any number of other things around your house or classroom.

++This hawk is ready to ship++

For educational use only -- not for use by unsupervised young children.

What's your favorite animal? I love ideas for custom orders!

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