Luna // Hand-painted Watercolor earrings


In North America, early summer is marked by the appearance of these green pearlescent beauties, with wingspans that can exceed 5inches across. 

These singular pieces of wearable art each contain an original watercolor illustration encased in high-quality, yellow and scratch-resistant resin. They are set into tiny stainless steel frames that hang from fishhook earrings. 

Dimensions: 13x18mm 

Setting: Stainless steel fishhook earrings ________________

Each piece of watercolor jewelry is drawn and painted by hand, and no two will ever be alike.

While stainless steel is less likely to cause a skin reaction than sterling silver or nickel-free metal alloys, everyone’s body is different, and it’s a good idea to consult a doctor before purchasing if you are prone to metal allergies. 

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