Medusa // Hand-painted Watercolor Pendant


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The myth of Medusa is ancient and varied. In some versions, she and her sisters—the gorgons—were fierce monsters with serpents instead of hair, so horrifying that they turned all who gazed upon them into stone. In others, she was transformed into a monster by Athena, jealous of the unwanted attention given to her by Poseidon. All stories agree that she was hunted by Perseus, so that he could use her severed head to turn the monster Cetus into stone. Through the millennia, she has come to represent strength, liberation, revenge, and protection. 

This singular piece of wearable art contains an original watercolor illustration encased in high-quality, yellow and scratch-resistant resin and set into a sophisticated stainless steel bezel pendant. It hangs from a delicate 24” silver plated chain with a lobster clasp. 

Dimensions: 30x40mm

Setting: Stainless steel 

Chain: 24” silver plated stainless steel 


Each piece of watercolor jewelry is drawn and painted by hand, and no two will ever be alike.

While stainless steel is less likely to cause a skin reaction than sterling silver or nickel-free metal alloys, everyone’s body is different, and it’s a good idea to consult a doctor before purchasing if you are prone to metal allergies. 

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