Hops // Hand-painted Watercolor Pendant


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For centuries, brewers have been flavoring their beers with hops; as early as the 17th century, Bavarian monks experimented with hops, creating beer that was lighter, brighter and more floral than the rich spiced ale that was customary at the time. This is a tribute to IPA lovers everywhere. 

This singular piece of wearable art contains an original watercolor illustration encased in high-quality, yellowing and scratch-resistant resin and set into a brass-tinted, nickel-free metal alloy bezel pendant. It hangs from a delicate 30” nickel free chain with a lobster clasp. 

Dimensions: 30mm Round 

Setting: Nickel-free metal alloy 

Chain: 30” nickel-free alloy


Each piece of watercolor jewelry is drawn and painted by hand, and no two will ever be alike. 

This setting and chain are made of a solid nickel-free alloy, but may cause a reaction when worn near the skin on some individuals. It is always a good idea to consult a doctor before purchasing if you are prone to metal allergies.  

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