Medusa // 2022 // Digital illustration


"What thus snaky-headed Gorgon-shield / That wise Minerva wore, unconquered virgin, / Wherewith she freezed her foes to congealed stone, / But rigid looks of chaste austerity, / And noble grace that dashed brute violence / With sudden adoration and blank awe!”

-John Milton 

In Greek mythology, Medusa was one of three sisters cursed by Athena to forever wander the islands of the Gorgades as monstrous creatures with heads covered in serpents. However, over the centuries, Medusa has become a symbol of strength, survival, and triumph over patriarchal social norms. 

This high quality, limited edition giclee print of my original digital illustration is made with archival, acid-free paper and pigment inks. It will arrive to you matted, in a plastic sleeve with a sturdy backing board. 

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